FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the stone made of?

It's made of concrete material that is colored and put through our patent pending process to add design and extravagance.

2. Can you do more than showers?

Yes, our product can be used for showers, bathrooms, walling, flooring, driveways, walkways, backsplahes and more!

3. Do you do custom work if we want it?

Yes, feel free to ask what you would like done and we will let you know if we can do it. There are many custom features we don't advertise on our website that we can add to your project.

4. I don't live in California can I still buy your product? 

Yes, we can ship your product to any of the 48 contingent US states, and we can also ship 1 foot by 1 foot samples to you of any product style you would like to see in person by simply ordering 1 square foot of that style through our website.

5. What locations can you do installs?

We currently can do installations in the northern California areas around Redding, Ca. We will consider installations withing 200 miles of Redding in any direction, just call us first to make sure we can come to your area. If you are not in our area the product is very easy to install for most skilled contractors and we can give them the instructions needed to do a proper installation.

6. We would like to do multiple projects in our house, can we use different colors of stone?

Yes you can select multiple color styles for different sections of your home.